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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Pizza and My Shed

My 3 inch high pizza
My pizza right before I ate most of it!
My amazing, multi-purpose shed, that the floor is falling out of!!!


Anonymous said...

wow--I thought you were cooking pizza in your shed--I mixed up the message. Very good then! A wonderful looking pizza! (yum).

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Is that measuring tape?

Hmmm, your amazing, multi-purpose shed needs a little tender, loving care:) Perhaps, a before and after photo some time down the road??

Anonymous said...

Ms-Paige, I want some of your shed pizza!

Sarah-Paige said...

Hi guys sorry this blog hasn't been updated lately, school is taking up most of my time.

Nancy: I'm hoping to fix it up and make it into a music/art studio. Just somewhere for my sister and I to play around with some simple recording software.

Clay: I would send you an entire pizza, but I don't believe it would be very edible by the time it reached you !

Thanks you two for continuing to stop by my blog... :)