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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snow Day

These are the snow clouds coming in ...


Anonymous said...

The last shot is so atmospheric and distant---wow, it really amazes me. What lake is that Miss Paige?

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Lovely images AND snow. But, you can keep it(the snow):)

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

These are beautiful snaps Sarah. WOW!!
I have a favor. A buddy and I are joining forces to highlight our towns. Would you be interested in joining us?
This coming Friday we are highlighting beautiful churches in and around our towns. The next Friday we are doing people profiles.
Your picture's speak to me and I'm hopeing that maybe you will joing us. I'd love to see the old churches in your area.
You're a wonderful photographer and I am really kind of begging here, lol!!
Please let me know, take good care and.........

Steady On
Reggie Girl

kenflett said...

There are some nice images here.
Have you tried shooting at night.

Sarah-Paige said...

Hi Ken, no I have not tried shooting at night...I hope to try that someday, maybe when the snow has all melted finally !!!!

Red said...

nice blog..!