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Friday, April 10, 2009

My Town - Mainstreet - and some cheating (Part 1)

Because time got away from me this week I will be 'cheating' and taking some more pictures tomorrow when I go shopping, but here are a few snaps, hope you will stop by tomorrow evening to see the rest :)

Here's the 'Main 2' , either way you'll end where you've started !

The Folklife Village which houses the main grocery store, a cafe, art gallery, clothing store, movie store, liquor store, real estate office, and visitors center.

Sign for Rasberry Jazz Cafe

Recently cleared lot along the main road.


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Thank you for the little tour of your neighborhood. How I love all those tall pine trees.

Have a Happy Easter:)

Zen said...

Hi girl...they are good looking pictures...you must be happy live over there :)

Papa and Mema said...

Sarah, thanks for participating in the shoot-outs. I enjoy your youthful enthusiasm.
If you will go to my blog I have a list of twenty something Shoot-out members. Would you please let me know in a comment there what your blogspot address is. Thanks again. Gordon