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Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Town -Mainstreet- Full Post

The 'Main 2'

Cleared lot

Raspberry's Jazz Cafe

Shrimp can be bought out of a freezer in the back of a truck down by the store...always the best !

Folklife Village Sign our 'mall'

Shot of the grocery stores main entrance

Palette People

School Zone

Gabriola Elementary School

He Is Alive, my churches Easter banner

Some Alpacas and/or Llamas across the street from the church

They're at Paradise Island Alpaca farm


GingerV said...

the alpacas would have been great in the 'wild animals' blog week. I like your tour - I want to go to the sunday pizza and live music - a perfect way (for me) to spend a Sunday afternoon - if you can dance to the music that is.

Gordon said...

It is striking how much your island looks like Alaska. I love Ak. and now I love your island. Thanks so much for sharing. Gordon