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Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday Hike and the Sites Along the Way

Click on the pictures for a larger view :)

We start our hike behind Nanaimo's power station -- We started out at 12:50pm & ended at 5:50pm

My dad climbing up an almost dry waterfall

Diablo at the top of the waterfall, the water really moves in the winter.

Hoshi cooling off in some of the river's remaining water

What's left of the river

A trail off of the one we took

A face in the bark

No trespassin - By order of the Ministry of National Defense ... official stuff!!!

Another warning sign by the Ministry of National Defense

Came out of the woods and found this road

After exploring the road we found this 'puddle' for the dogs to cool off in

The View

Diablo taking a rest

Some flowery weed things

Taking the road up, according to our GPS we were right on top or our previous trail, all be it at a much greater elevation

One last view before heading back down

Coming back down

Diablo waiting up ahead


A rope to help you up if you're heading for the top of Mount Benson


Diablo and Hoshi

A view of the bluffs across the valley

Looking up towards Mt. Benson

A lonely thistle

The path through the meadow, with weeds taller then my 5'5" height

Another trail off of the one we were on

Signs everywhere up there

Broken bridge

Back at the power lines

Looking down on the start of our trail

Have a good week :)


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Don't know who's cuter, your dad or Diablo and Hoshi:) Okay, you're cute, too, blond now, huh? Gotta run...

Sarah-Paige said...

Hey there Nancy

great to hear from you again !

of course I am the cutest of them all O_O haha

hope all is well with you :)