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Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday Trip...Nanaimo to Port Alberni

Gas stations - start

Garbage dump off the cliff of Little Mountain

Little Mountain

Bryce and the view

Another view

Shane Phillips at Coombs ... check him out on the web and buy his music... AMAZING stuff !!!!

Sat and ate ice cream in the rain at Whiskey Creak

At Qualicum Falls

Highway to Port Alberni

Arrowsmith range

A passing truck

To the old ski runs


Going Up

The clouds and fog cleared for a few minutes and gave us this fantastic view of the ocean

Going on foot

Campers in the next valley over

Clouds on the way down

Heading Home


Andy Coffey said...

I found your other blog on Faun, and this one on your other blog. Both blogs are very interesting. I dearly love the fact that your chronicle, of this place in British Columbia allows be to see such beauty, with just the faintest undertone of narrative. What a beautiful place your pictures depict. Thanks.

Prairie Sky Creations said...

Yay, goats on the roof! :o)